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Component Application Framework (CAF) from Software AG

I have been very silent on my blog lately. So some updates what I do currently...

Currently I implement a BPM solution for a customer of Software AG with CAF (Component Application Framework). The CAF applications runtime environment is the myWebmethods server of Software AG. It can use an webMethods Integration Server as well easily. Everything is tightly integration in their development IDE called "Designer".

Updated to Drupal 6.8

As some security problems have been discovered with Drupal before version 6.8 I have installed 6.8 today. Please report any problems with the update! You can load it here:'s Drupal installation updated

I have updated the Drupal installation for Currently it is not possible to write comments. Some images are still missing too.

Commenting is enabled again...

Update 2:
Images are back again as well. They have not been displayed because of a bug in the DB upgrade code of Drupal...

Mozilla Firefox and display of SSL certificate information

Firefox displays the domain of a SSL server certificate in the address bar when you set

Generating documentation for webMethods Integration Server objects

Every project that uses the webMethods Integration Server has the problem to document the code. The webMethods Developer has a function to generate HTML documentation for a single flow.
That looks nice but when you need to generate documentation for a whole package then this is obviously not the best choice.

Software AG provides a nice package called WmDoc in the samples area. This allows to make the documentation browsable with a webbrowser. The nice thing is that your documentation is never outdated as it is automatically regenerated when you browse to a service.


I am now a proud owner of this fine HDTV hardware:

All is linked via HDMI links.

What to do with 1500 dead hard drives

Give Solr Request Handlers possibility to suppress HTTP caching

I have submitted a patch to allow Solr's RequestHandlers to suppress the creation of HTTP caching headers. It makes no sense for example to cache responses for the admin pages and the update handlers. There is another patch that allows partial responses with timeout. This responses should not be cached as well.

Requests that end up in an exception should not be cached as well.

The patch is registered as SOLR-505 in Apache's JIRA.

Committed! (LUCENE-1166) A tokenfilter to decompose compound words

LUCENE-1166 (A tokenfilter to decompose compound words) has been committed today. Hooray...

Decomposition of German compound words for effective searching (3)

I have created a token filter for Apache Lucene that works pretty well. You find the code here:

It works like I described in the older blog entries.

I also created a Swedish hyphenation grammar. It is attached to the blog entry.

Update [2008-03-09]:

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